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Articles: Submit a brief description of the article you are proposing, and where you feel it would fit within the issue. Please include ideas for the images you would take/source to support the article. 

Patterns: Submit a sketch of the quilt pattern idea with block size, finished quilt size, and proposed color palette.

Article and pattern submissions do not need to be complete, a sketch or idea you would like to explore in an article is sufficient. Articles and patterns usually have 4-5 weeks to be completed and turned in, after being contracted for the issue. Compensation for articles and patterns is mutually agreed upon prior to finalizing a contract. 

Gallery: Submit a high-resolution image of your gallery quilt submission, we are looking for a flat shot against a white or neutral background. Your quilt does not need to be a recent finish, and it’s okay if it’s been shared elsewhere publicly. All images should be 300dpi and at least 8” x 12”, in .tif .heic or .jpg formats.

**Submissions close midnight 9/19 - Mountain Time

Please use symmetry as inspiration for your paper pieced mini quilt design. You can employ any combination of paper piecing in your mini quilt.

Details we look for:

  • Square quilts, 10" x 10" up to 16" x 16".
  • The color palette is as close to inspiration as possible.
  • Creativity within the theme/inspiration.
  • Quilting should be tidy and support the piecing.
  • Finished - bound and ready to ship for photos.
  • Clear, well-lit photos help us see all your hard work clearly.

For the Gallery of our Paper Piecing issue, we are looking for quilts that include paper piecing of any sort. Quilts should be no less than 150" total around your quilt.

If you are submitting a mini quilt, please go back and select the Mini Quilt Challenge - - Paper Piecing  - Quilts not submitted in the correct category are likely to be missed.

We would love to see articles related to paper piecing, unique ways of incorporating paper piecing, portraiture, geometry and possibly the journey to collecting quilts. Is there a trend that you've noticed in quilting, perhaps handwork or mending?

We would love to see small and large ideas that include paper-pieced elements or their entirety for patterns. Pattern ideas must be original and unpublished.

Curated Quilts